Grow Curious: A Gardener's Creative Activity Book by Gayla Trail and Davin Risk

It's hard to imagine my life without gardening. It's an activity I half-heartedly dabbled in through my early 20s, and after college, when I moved back to East John St, I became interested in learning to care for the plants my grandparents planted. I *think* I picked up Gayla Trail's book You Grow Girl t the now defunct Borders Books (RIP) and immediately absorbed it and the companion website. Gayla taught me just how to organically care for the greenery around and convinced me to try my hand at growing veggies!

I've followed her work ever since. To say she's formed and informed me is an understatement; her work has been instrumental in introducing gardening to new generations.


Now Gayla, and her partner Davin, are working on a new project called Grow Curious. Check out their kickstarter and let's help get this new project off the ground! #growcurious

Taking on a challenge

My most recent projects (for a couple different clients!) has been a departure from my usual botanical work. A challenge every once in a while is pretty nice, so it's been a fun break! Once these are finalized and released into the public wild, I'll post with links so you can see how and what they're used for.

Can you hear me now?

This is the beginning of something (a print? a pattern? a pile of paper for the recycling?). I've been walking around town, snapping photos of the elephant ears dominating the transitional landscaping. I love the ways the veins replicate natural systems, the veins create detailed patterns and maps of imaginary watery worlds.

This painting by Mabel seems to replicate the pattern in the leaves just perfectly! Maybe she'll teach me how she did it so I can use the same technique when I'm ready to add color. Or maybe I should just let her add the color?

Window Shopping

We've started the school year with 2 new germs calling our house a home and I'm bustin' out all the hippie concoctions I can to get them out of here fast. In the meantime there's a lot of sitting around, tending runny noses, and soothing scratchy throats with hot tea.

During the downtime I've been window shopping on the internet: daydreaming of purchasing a new litter box for The Sneak (read: any new rug we bring into the home, the more expensive, the more frequently used), and finally finishing the bedroom.

  Pottery Barn Eleanora rug  that reminds me of the interesting layers found in rock formations

Pottery Barn Eleanora rug that reminds me of the interesting layers found in rock formations