Welcome to the New Year

Here we go again, a new year, new intentions, resolutions, projects, and glossy dreams of reaching perfection starting January 1.

I have dreams (delusions) of this being the year I balance it all: appreciating family time, making art, exercising daily, cooking wholesome meals, and keeping the house clean. If the end of 2015 taught me anything, if I do any 3 of those things simultaneously, 2 invariably suffer. (And oh do they suffer!)  

I didn't mention gardening because somehow gardening has become a given. It's my get-away-from-it-all, 100%-me-time thing I do nearly every week.

Blogging, if you have followed along and figured out, is a reflection of whatever is getting my attention at the time. Long gone are the days when I had time to pick up Charlie's camera to play. An Instagram or 2 a day have become what you'll see here, probably discussed slightly more in detail.

So there you have it, vague intentions for the Sweet 16. Anyone else have thoughts on what you expect from the new year?