News around town

I was hoping to keep my blog updates rotating between art, gardening, and ideas I support, but today I want to interject a bit about what's going on around our home (and what's keeping my brain busy).

(image from Wikipedia, listed as Creative Commons)

(image from Wikipedia, listed as Creative Commons)

We live on a main road in our town, and as "progress" happens, roads get bigger. C and I knew that would happen, we braced for it, accepted it, and were basically ready to lose about a lane's worth of property to the front of our house. Recently, though, the next phase of the design was released and we learned the scope of land loss would be much larger.

The road will be drastically changed. What is now a main road through a small town will become a thoroughfare. In the simplest terms, that upsets me. It will destroy the charm of the town, the walkability, and harm the core of independently owned businesses in Matthews.

NCDOT unveiled the plan and gave the public about 4 weeks to leave feedback on it. So I started asking around to get a feel for what others thought about it. Guess what? Nobody knew, or if they did, they had no idea about the actual design.

So that's what I've been doing: talking to a lot of people; emailing a lot of people; facebooking (that's a verb, right?) a lot of people. If I had a better idea of tags on twitter I'd be doing that, too.

Wish us luck!

{And if you are in the area and want to get involved, shoot me a note and I'll get you some flyers.}