A giveaway from Canvas Factory

Every once in a great while I am approached by a company to review a product. If it involves me getting something for free I usually accept. A few weeks ago Canvas Factory asked if I wanted a free canvas print and a free print to give away. Of course I said yes.

I decided to do one of my favorite phone pics, a total mom-moment: the family at the beach building drip castles. The prices at Canvas Factory astounded me, but there was a sale going on that made the prices appear more reasonable. I have a feeling it's a permanent sale, I'm not sure they'd have any orders charging nearly $60 for an 8" x 8" print.

Ordering was simple and straightforward, they offer different options for the sides of the canvas so it's not just white/blank. I placed the order and it came within a few days. The quality is great and the image really makes me happy.

I was prepared to write a great review when I pushed the box out of the way and thought the label looked a little odd. It was then I noticed the label was an international one and suddenly the awkward language of the email conversation made sense. The company is based in China! It never crossed my mind that they could possibly be halfway around the world and schlepping a product I could just as easily have printed through a dozen places much closer to home.

All that said, I still have a code for a free 16 x 20" print from Canvas Factory if you're interested! All you have to do is comment below and tell me if you've ever had a canvas print made and where you ordered it.  Would ordering a print from China deter you from using a company if the price is right?

(Disclaimer: If I didn't make it clear enough above, I was given a product to review here. As much as I love free stuff, all opinions are my own.)