Get my goat: A print to expand our homestead

While we're busy working on household projects, we've got a few other projects in the works too. I've been dividing plants and expanding gardens like a maniac. We've constructed a few ideas to regain control of the wooded front half of our property. There are others, but the list is just too long; it gets overwhelming.

goat peek4.jpg

We've been talking for several years about renting goats to help regain the areas overtaken by poison ivy and other impossible-to-battle vines. Well, it's finally time! We're ready to rent 2 billies from Wish We Had Acres, a pretty phenomenal farming and natural living, goat herding duo located here in Charlotte.

We'll need to have these literal weed eaters for a fairly lengthy time. To celebrate (and offset the cost) I've created a colorfully goat-themed print.  Think of it as a CSA, you'll be helping these goats clear and enrich the land for us to grow even more food and you won't even break a sweat. (Not to mention avoiding the poison ivy!) What you will get is an archival print of some pretty feisty weeds, a tasty lunch for a wonderfully capricious critter.  

These prints are archival and of the same quality of my other prints.

There are 2 sizes: 6 x 6" and 12 x 12". Make sure to leave me a note saying the size you prefer. Ready to pitch in? Click the donate button and pick your price; you'll be taken to Paypal for check out, please make sure they have the correct shipping address listed.

{Prints ship First Class, so please consider shipping costs.}