Major Tom, major progress

Charlie's been working hard on the camper while I've been preoccupied with the state's plan to  put a highway in front of our house. 

The camper is finally structurally sound (no more rotting wood) and waterproofed (no more leaking windows). The windows all crank open and closed. A craigslist score allowed us to upgrade from the original non-working stove to a working vintage stove/oven combo!

I did spend the better part of an afternoon scraping old window frosting film off the windows. Hand cramps be damned, the windows look good as new!

After countless emails and phone calls to my new BFFs (NCDOT) we figured out the process of getting a title for Major Tom so we could get him on the road! *Hint* Get yourself out in the country to a DMV office and they have a better understanding of what it takes to title a vintage camper.

The inside still needs a lot of prettifying, but we can finally hit the road and camp! Who's ready for summer?!