today's word is an easy one, sorry

virtuoso \ver-choo-OH-soh\ noun

1 : one skilled in or having a taste for the fine arts
*2 : one who excels in the technique of an art;
3 : a person who has great skill at some endeav

I wish I were a redecorating virtuoso. *sigh* Today's word really has no relation to the rest of this post. Seriously. Just a coincidence, my ego is still small (tiny, actually, C can verify this with all the annoying affirmations I ask from him).

Drum roll, please! The ever-growing-lovelier-by-the-second-for-using-one-of-my-pieces Grace of design*sponge fame wrote about Pink and Black on the etsy Storque.

and one of several little drawings I did last night while boggling my own mind with thoughts about super string theory. What a perfect theory of molecules for a fibers major such as I was in University. The idea itself makes me pretty happy.
I consider it the Rock Star of science, and this is my gig poster.