like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. . .

I was at the first of a handful of holiday themed shows this past weekend, that was the warm up. It was a little rough. Humbling springs to mind.

But I met wonderful, kind people. I love that about shows, the exhibitors and shoppers and the chance to connect. Plus, my neighboring booth was the kindest man who makes an instrument called the Woodrow. He played music the whole time, the kind of music that keeps your feet tapping and a smile on your face, despite how little you sell. What a refreshing man he was!

For the next 4 weekends there will be more shows, and more refreshing people to meet. Then 2 weekends off and the big drive to Boston! 3,300 + miles over the next 7 weeks. Any tips for surviving all the bumps in the road, keeping confidence in tact, and interesting, must-see places along the way?!?