Looks like I'll be going back Chicago!

Renegade Chicago, with one of my favoritest gal pals, September 13 and 14! Woohoo!
Jess--Can we call it the Southern Belle Tour? Cause I think if you're looking at houses, you're officially suh-thurn.

AND. Califone will be playing.
This makes for one very happy girl.

and now some questions of philosophical nature:

Just how attached are you to your cell phone? At the end of the month I'm letting my plan run out. I'll keep the phone for 911 calls, which I'll hopefully never need to use. Did you know even if your cell phone doesn't have service you can still use it for 911?
Anyway, I flounder back and forth thinking "I need it!" then thinking of how long I made it without one. I don't like having to keep up with it, so once the void of "Crap! Where's my phone" is filled, I will feel better. *I think* Could you live without all these gadgets that not so long