Don't laugh at me, but the wedding bug has bit, and as much as I try to shy away from the giggly girly-ness of it all, with my sister's upcoming nuptials, I'm scheming in color.

And last night, out of pure boredom, I started an inspiration board.

That's not the only bug that has bitten me. Spring fever is here and taunting me, so it another little nagging pest I've never met before, so I'm not sure how to swat at it, but I won't dignify it with a name. Let's just call it a big ol' mystery.

This wedding one, though, satisfies so many of my creative urges: drooling over fonts, the linear attributes of invitation design, floral arrangements, textures, colors, fabric weight, heft, and feel . . .shopping.

This morning I emailed my sister with some of my thoughts, and she graciously thanked me, added some exclamation points and generally acted appreciative. I appreciate a little placation every once in a while.

So, dear married friends, what was the funnest part of planning your wedding? What little detail was most memorable? Any great tips for my older-sister-soon-to-be-newlywed?