three years later and a little belly bean

Lemme tell you a little something about the joys of pregnancy.

Since morning sickness can't tell time, it certainly won't sequester itself to the hours before noon. Even if you're not a barfer (I'm not) it may start at 11 and last until 6. Which also means every smell and every thought of food stirs up disgust and nausea. This does not bode well for the dinner maker.

If you're familiar with fatigue, and you guys get along, you're aces! If, however, you like to do things in the afternoon (like gardening, straightening up the house, making art), you're SOL. Because Mr. Nap comes a'callin' and there's no saying no.

They say these feelings start somewhere midway through the first trimester, disappear with the second and may come back for a friendly little visit in the third. Me, I'd like to hold off on the third and maybe have extras of the second trimester, if that's the case.

Anyway, the point in this isn't to gripe. It's just to let you know that not all pregnant women "glow". I'm feeling very excited to get this stage in development over with so I can meet the new little critter forming in my belly, but I'm not feeling like I've found my calling, nor that my life's mission is complete. So if there's anyone out there that can speed up the next, oh, say, 7 months or so, I'll gladly pay you for it.

Since not all is bad in the land of Sneak, there is, after all, a huge bonus to all this queasy disruptions my body's doling out: that new little critter that's about the size of an olive, looking something like an alien.

Who would've thought, 2 years and 10 months and some odd days after tying the knot, me and Mr. C would be creating a 3rd member for our little family?

Certainly not me! Probably not C, and definitely not either of our extended families.

And here we are, Mr. Wolfie and the Sneak, 3 years into our marriage, with a deep foundation of love and support, and wild eyed curiosity for what the next year will bring. But whatever it is, your love lights up the entire sky.