The Slow Track Down

I'm sure many of you follow Making It Lovely. {Lovely is such an understatement for Nicole's blog.} I check in every once in a while, but not daily. . .I tend to get overwhelmed and berate my own ability to stay on target with projects when I see others do so well with them. Recently she posted about losing her baby weight plus 20 pounds by losing about 2 pounds a week, which is right on track for sensible weight loss.

Me, I'm losing 1/5 of a pound to a pound a week and it's getting depressing. In full disclosure, I'm right about the same size I was in high school, which was a pretty depressing, lonely time for me. Since then I've been yo-yo-ing 40 pounds. Yep. Four-Oh. And I'm now back to that starting point. When I read Nicole's post on losing weight I wanted to cry, one person's easy-peasy story is exactly what makes me want to curl up and eat a candy bar.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm so happy for her and I know it feels great to be a healthy weight, but my personal pity party awakens my high school skinny-girl envy. So here goes--I'm ready to get down to business. I'm stopping the excuses not to exercise. I'm not going to rationalize a high-calorie dinner because I'm so tired.

I'm going to be responsible with my choices and set a goal for myself 20 pounds in 14 weeks. Ideally I'd like to lose 28 pounds, but wonder if part of the difficulty losing weight this time is my age, so if it's just tougher this time around {and if slow and steady means I'll actually keep it off this time} I want to be realistic. I want to be successful.

I'm staying on Weight Watchers, but it's time to do it. . .really do it. It's time to regain my self esteem, time to remember my own strength and time to set a good example for my little girl.

Totally do-able, right? {If you have any suggestions they're more than wanted and welcome!}