Fun Away from Home

. . . and then I disappeared for a week.

Prior to leaving I was inspired by Abbey's post on her leather cuff lust, and I took some scraps and made one for myself. Then I forgot to take it with me to the beach. Rats. I also forgot the sunscreen, diaper bag and sun hat I'd made especially for M. Not a great start to a week at the beach. It quickly got better. I mean, we were at the beach and all.

While there, M became a toddler before our very eyes. Over the course of a few short days she ceased crawling.

The girl is a full-time walker, people. Not. ready. for. that.

Since she's all over the place, as soon as we got home C got out the vacuum. It worked for 5 minutes before going kaput. Back in the car, and a couple hours later we came home with a new little machine: the Dyson DC23. Although I'd asked for a steam mop for my birthday {which is still a month and a week + away}, this seems to be a good substitute.

But what a way to end a vacation: with a new vacuum. Hmmm, not exactly what I had in mind.

Pictures of all the fun away from home soon. {Fingers crossed.}