So A-door-able

I've been wishy washy over the front door {blue front door? new doggy door?}, but this summer I decided to paint the picnic table black (perhaps unconsciously inspired by Abbey?) then decided the door needed to be black, too. It would bring out the iron work on the porch and put a little consistency in the sea of chaos we love to call home.

Just Over the River has a black door that looks much like I suspect ours will turn out. Check out that incredible squirrel door knocker in NC for $8. I think she needs to send it back to NC. . . to me and my squirrel lovin' Wolfie, right? Add some vintage repro door hardware and call me surprised, we sure would have a fancy lookin' entry!

But more exciting than the actual door will be hanging up a Christmas wreath. Like maybe something fantastically compiled by The Constant Gatherer? Or a yarn wreath by Knock Knocking? Maybe the new door is just the excuse I need to get a succulent wreath like this one from Succulents Galore? A vintage tinsel one like the one from Oodles??

Who can resist all the lovely handmade choices? They're all so a-door-able! (Yes, that pun was unavoidable. And yes, I'm so sorry.)