We haven't done an ICE show in a couple years, but hope to do another one in the near future. ICE is one of the best shows we've ever done, and we love those Atlanta peeps! This year Christy and Shannon put together a pop-up shop, and we couldn't resist sending our wares. Hopefully, after all the holiday spending we'll get a check back rather than returned work. All you ATL folks have the bonus opportunity for one-of-a-kind gift-grabbing from November 26th to December 30. I'm jealous. {If you visit will you let me know what you think? I bet it's amazing!}

P.S. Someone in Charlotte please organize a pop-up shop. Please?
Here's a little something I finished recently (and posted part of it yesterday). Inspired by vintage fruit crate labels, this might become an entire series. Food from each state? Maybe so!

Peaches for South Carolina, crawdads for Louisiana. . . What would you want to represent your state?