Change and Progress: Gaining Plenty

Before I ended up holed up inside for 3 days, I made a little chart for documenting resolution progress. You can click on the worksheet you want to use, or find links to them on the downloads page.

We {actually, C} worked on the chair a little more. I found out I was approved for my permaculture design certificate {Can I get a woot woot? What, you're not still stuck in the nineties like I am?} and getting all geared up for the Gardening Like a Forest workshop with Dave Jacke.

What else is goin on? 
Abbey is having a Valentine's giveaway.
Poppytalk kicks off Winter Colours Week with RED!
I'm enjoying Mothering magazine via Progressive Pioneer, and {thanks to her recommendations} have a long list of books to check out from the library.

How was your weekend? Whatcha got on your radar for the week?