let's not get too carried away

The internet world can be a little deceiving. It's the time lapse--you know, where someone can make a post with a couple images and it looks like they have the energy of the world harnessed in their very being, making them able to do everything. By everything I mean: cook, clean, dress immaculately and make art all while maintaining cool camera composure. That is not me, although I'm pretty impressed with myself for making yogurt, bread, and a new print this past weekend.

It all happened only because I sent C and M away so I could work on taxes. What happens when I'm supposed to sit in front of a computer and do mathy stuff all day? Well, no taxes but everything else imaginable. If I were an accountant I'd have a huge, perfect garden, fresh food for every meal, and clean, pressed laundry all the time.

Instead I come to work and around 9 o'clock look at myself in the mirror for the first time of the day and wonder to myself what the other people I work with must think of my too-wrinkled clothes and out of control hair.

Lucky I can edit those out and look like I almost have my act together--makes me feel kind of awesome. . .well, no, let's not get too carried away.