Wooden Love

Thought I'd take a little break from the heaviness of copyright issues and talk about life around WatS-ville. The Mr. and I just celebrated our 5 anniversary. . . well, "celebrate" is kind of an exaggeration. We went to dinner then watched Feed the Fish on netflix at home. We don't really do much for anniversaries or Valentine's Day, we just kind of spend the whole month being extra mushy.

Had we exchanged gifts, this year's traditional theme would've been really fun to find. Wood. I mean, how easy is that? I'm swooning over Off Cut Studio's vintage styled wooden clock and bike fenders (via Decor8).
A few other wooden cuties that caught my eye: Wooden Pulley from Romp; Singgih Kartono Toys for the Soul from Fawn and Forest; Roofline Blocks and Love Tokens from Twine are cute little gifts to show the love.

Do you exchange gifts for anniversaries? Do you follow the anniversary gift themes?