Gettin all hippie dippie

I've had a week of realizations, one where everything fell like shooting stars into place and everything felt just right. It balanced out a couple of weeks worth of emotional stress. That's just the way this world works, the pendulum of balance, right? Not every moment can be perfectly balanced, it has to go both ways to meet somewhere in the middle. I don't remember that often enough.

The bees didn't work out, but they will, and since they didn't we'll better remember to focus on making the Lucilles (One and Two) more at ease and at home with their new family.

I have a few new mantras helping me to get through some household clutter:

1) I cannot do it all. Get out of your head (thinking "I'll get to this one day") and get into the present and focus on the things that you love.**

2) Clutter is a distraction from the things that matter. The less stuff you have the more room you have for both possibility and love. 
**I don't believe life can possibly be filled 100% with things you love, but sometimes the things we don't love help us get closer to the things we love, right? I need to get rid of the things that drive me from love and accept the things that are matter of fact and essential!

So far it's working. I've been making stacks of things to get rid of throughout the week.  If I want to keep something just in case, I repeat #1. If I want to keep something for sentimental reasons that I have no real use for, I repeat #2. I've been doing a lot of closing my eyes and telling myself the truth.

First get rid of stuff, then find a home for the things I'm keeping. Some pretty inspiration to keep me going:

Crate and tube storage via Marion House Book (Tubes photo by Lesley Unruh, Crates from the Toast Catalogue).

Ahh, space, open space for new thoughts. Space for possibility. Here's to organization and being able to find the stuff I have, love, and use.

Happy Friday, friends! Want a bit of gardening inspiration? Check me and my secret boyfriend out over on Modish today!