Getting to know a stranger for a few minutes

After that little talk about singing to my seedlings we went to Mount Holly, NC for a funeral yesterday. After the funeral we stopped at the Feed and Tractor Supply where I met an 82 year old man (there shopping for vegetable plants) named Hoover Radford.

I found out, through a long and interesting conversation, that Mr. Radford believes in talking and singing to plants, too. He also used the phrase, "I'm not trying to convert you or anything" several times, even though the conversation was not a religious one in any aspect.

He also told me how much he loves canning and that he would much rather garden than chase a little ball down a hill.

He seemed to be the kind of guy that never meets a stranger. All of this getting to know each other happened within a 10 minute span, but what an amazing amount you can learn about another person in just a few minutes.

It's something to remember as we enter the weekend, through all those chance encounters you have throughout the weekend, there's an interesting human being behind those stranger's eyes. Even if you don't have a 10 minute conversation, keep that in mind and it can give new light to the bustling world around you.