Healthy Hump Day

When I started  back at Fitness Together for PACK Training 4 weeks ago I couldn't run 100 meters.  Today I ran 1200 meters--well, at least close to that. I also did reps of 50, 40, 30, 20 and10 step jumps with a 200 meter run in between. This may not seem like a big deal to you guys, but for me?! It was huge, like bring tears to my eyes huge. 

Yeah, I couldn't even do that in high school.

 See 21 year old me in the top row, far left?

Honestly? Without the help of lipo and a tummy tuck, my 21-year old body isn't a realistic goal. At that time I was vegan and working in the stock room for The Nature Company (which is sadly no more) at the mall. I was pulling 8 hour days climbing all over shelves with boxes in my arms or on my shoulders (OSHA would have a fit) and I was in shape.

When you have a baby your body changes. And when you gain wait, then get hugely pregnant your body really changes.  As in (sorry for the grossness here) my belly is pretty much a soft mountain of stretched out skin not quite full of fat but also not tightening back up. It's kind of a spongy beer gut.

So no, I don't have a great body image, but I'm working on it. I think kids are sensitive to the smallest nuances of self doubt. They are, after all, soaking the world around them in, then mimicking the behavior they see because that's their gauge on how to behave.

I'm determined to show the strength of self-acceptance to those who see me as a role model, Mabel especially.