perfect birthday

I'll admit I was dreading my birthday this year.Part of it is having a toddler: her youth and vigor remind me too often of how my own body aches just a little more than it used to. Part of it is the number: 3.4. Seems so adult, dare I say broaching middle age?

Thankfully, I eased into 34 by taking a weekend in the mountains with the Mister. M partied all weekend at Nana's. The rural pace was just what the doctor ordered. One afternoon was spent in a nearby town where we stopped in for dinner and happened upon Another Roadside Attraction playing. Finished dinner and walked a block to local wines and ciders. The next day was my actual birthday. I woke up to few reps of jogging, jumping jacks and whatever other exercises I could think of. Then got my birthday gift: a 35 pound kettle bell! We decided it was time to take advantage of the mountain beauty, so off we went on a long hike on a hard trail.

The whole weekend gave us plenty of time to read, draw {me} and photograph {C} the surroundings, find inspiration, and soak up the quiet times with each other.

My disdain for 34 melted away into the fall colors. {and Charlie's charming self helped!} It's amazing how a breath of crisp fall air can change one's perspective.