Maintaining Interest

Chatting with Misti yesterday via email, she reminded me that I don't post about gardening much anymore. It's true but I have a good excuse: I garden mostly at the community garden and we work so hard there, by the time I catch up enough to take pictures I'm exhausted.

The home garden is much less demanding, and gets little attention anyway. All of that energy is spent on chasing around the little one, a full-blown hurricane of toddler energy, curiosity, and need for  attention.

Sometimes the two overlap and I get to tend the garden while she stays interested in the activities. Yesterday I pulled up some tomato plants and decided to pickle the remaining green tomatoes. Between those and the green cherry tomatoes I'd brought home from Little Sugar Creek garden, I filled 2 bowls with water and 16 cups of green tomatoes. Anything that involves water hypnotizes the little one, so she sat on her stool for close to 2 solid hours, moving water and tomatoes from one bowl to another then back again.

Another fun task? I sliced 3 1/2 pounds of eggplant into 1/2 inch medallions, laid them out on a baking sheet and gave M a basting brush and a small cup of oil. She had a blast painting the eggplant in oil so I could roast it in the oven.

If only I could get her so interested in pulling up weeds, then I might have a shot at getting back to snapping a few garden pictures and updating y'all on the progress!