Back in the Goop

I can't remember the last time I sat down and worked on a painting. I've painted textures for scanning and using in drawings, I've painted with Mabel, and I've definitely been painting walls, but I think the last time I worked on an image as a painting was before M was born.

A week or so ago I decided to do a painting  of a True Lover's Knot for Charlie for Valentine's day.  The next day I went out and invested in some good gesso to cover an old canvas. I've considered quality gesso (that offers good coverage) to be an indulgence, and the last time I actually bought the good stuff  was in 1997, when I took Painting 101. As a poor art kid, I quickly found sufficient, cheaper alternatives to a $30 tub of goop. Back to the gesso: it was intimidating.

Two nights ago I sat down for about 45 minutes and got started, then another 45 minutes last night...and here's where I am. They may be short sessions, but it's been nice getting back in the goop.