Not so costly Curtains

Judging from the number of inspiration boards I've made lately, I have a little too much down time at work. Now that we're settling into the new bedroom, though, I've realized the roman shades don't make the room dark enough at night for me, especially in winter, when the trees don't block the commercial lighting in the neighboring parking lot.

I've been traveling 'round the 'net looking at curtain options and I'll tell you what. Curtains are expensive, and I get tired of them too easily to invest $300 in a single window.  Theoretically I could make some myself, which I haven't ruled out, but here are a bunch of store bought options that could work without adding to my to-do list. Let it be known, however, that $45 for a single curtain is well out of my price range. Whatever happened to sets of curtains, people??

Vintage-style curtain options:

Pottery Barn Mini Stripe Drape

in Raspberry $44.99/panel, sale price, 84"

World Market Victorian Garden Jute Curtain

$34.99/panel, 84" length


$14.99/pair ($30! for



Modern curtain options:

West Elm Scribble Window Panel

$39/panel, 84" length

Crate and Barrel Norah Curtain Panel

$59.95/panel, 84" length



And a few affordable Target options from their new


line. These are all under $30 per panel. Still, 4 panels and $120 later, I'm not sure I love any of them that much.

In the meantime, I'm thinking hanging a sheet with some safety pins will work just fine. Do you see a pattern or style that stands out?