Under $50

I've been asking around on Twitter and Facebook a fun question just in time for the holidays:
If you bought yourself a handmade gift for under $50, what would it be? Here are a few answers so far:

POAST house wanted by Toil and Trouble (Ana) 
Suite One Studio bowls wanted by Made in Lowell (Liz)
Stone and Honey tiny triangle rings (2 at $20 each) wanted by Megan Charland 
Forged Copper Gingko Leaf wanted by  Trowel and Paintbrush (Kathleen)
Bird Brain Tile by Rob Ryan wanted by Bugs and Fishes (Laura)

So, how about you? If you bought yourself a handmade gift for under $50, what would it be? Leave a comment and include a link!

While I wouldn't normally suggest trying this at home. . . Try getting mad at your SO today

Oh boy! The cousin is better and the walking pneumonia seems to be a nothing but a memory, life has resumed it's regular programming. Well, as "regular" as we get on this here ol' blog, and no, I'm not going to start talking about fiber.

A couple weeks ago C thought I was mad at him for some reason or another. (For the record I wasn't mad at him.) To clear the air he bought me a gift, a beautiful little something I've been eying on etsy for ages and had given very strong hints about wanting. My very strong hints are emails saying, "If you ever want to buy me something, buy me this" and then I add a link to the exact page.

This is my Vessels and Wares hanging basket and you can't have it.

Of course, these fancy hanging baskets are made to order, so he came home empty-handed and said, "I bought you a present because you're mad at me."

If any guys are reading this take note: saying I bought you something because you're mad seems to emphasize the anger. Anger overshadows gifts. Also, coming home with a surprise in hand and saying, "This made me think of you" doesn't give the recipient 2-3 weeks of anxious I can't wait to see what it is that he bought me to make up for this anger I think of every time I think of the gift that's coming. See, the key is to not bring up fights or anger or any of that. Just a little tip for ya, guys.

However, I wasn't mad at the Mr., I laughed at him and then repeatedly asked him what my surprise was over and over and over until he told me. Then I got to wait the 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. In the meantime I surmised I should probably actually get mad at him more often if I'm so well-rewarded for such behavior, right??

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming. ..

A little bit about the new stuff in shop land, I hope you don't mind!

Only 13 Calendars left! Wow! I wonder if I'll sell out before December?
Well, technically I can't because I put 10 aside to sell in Boston, but I wonder how quickly the last 13 will go! I'm amazed!

I've added some gift wrap to the shop, though I did it just to do it. I like pretty packages, but think you can get the same, exciting-looking gift wrap by using magazine pages. Hm, sounds like I'm undermining myself, but just putting the ideas out there into cyberspace!
And a new painting (plus limited edition print!)
I know it's bad to say, but I love this one, especially with it all framed and matted.

Visit the shop, if you get a hankerin'!

eye candy instead of door to door begging for sweets

I don't have any scary stories to share, but Happy Halloween folks!
We never really celebrated Halloween, well we did until I was about 5 or 6, after that the tradition was to go to a French bakery up the street and we each got to pick out a pastry (probably the few times in my life I've had eclairs!) instead of knocking on neighbor's doors filling a bag full of candy.

My other memory of Halloween is from several years ago, going to a party (not dressed up. . . despite any creativity I have, I never can come up with a good costume. Perhaps due to the lack of childhood Halloween reverie?) and seeing a friend and her fiance there together. She was dressed up as a suicidal bride. He didn't seem to get the hint.

I apologize for the lack of spirit (pun intended)! And, well, aside from working today, the news is quite limited. The calendars will be shipping tomorrow, though! Once they start shipping, the cost will be $30, which is still quite a bargain for 12 limited edition prints, if you don't mind me saying!

Also, 3 days until the Handmade Market. If you are within driving distance and you don't go, you should be ashamed. Not only did I have a blast at their spring show, the work was irresistibly good, and I have a feeling this time will be no different.


Just in case you haven't heard (I'm not sure that's possible, though) the poppytalkhandmade market is live as of this morning. I'm in gallery 67 if you want to check it out! Most of you already know what my work is like, though, so I strongly urge you to check out the work there. It blew me away and simultaneously flattered me that I could be a part of such an incredible group of artists and craftpersons.

This print, by Birdie1973, is both adorable and affordable: $20!

Since one of this blogs namesakes is my full-grown puppy, Wolfgang, I feel it would be wrong not to mention Trisha Comb's new shop: Bill Pickles Dog Co.

They sound delicious enough for people to eat (yogurt and carob?!?! YUM!) and the packaging is beautiful! I say, it's about time the canine world had something that tastes good with good design taste!I have serious amounts of pics to upload, but between preparing for shows and, well, preparing for shows, my time has been limited. The house is still on hold, and the mister is being quite patient as I whirl like a creative hurricane through each room, making, making and making more, leaving markers, frayed remnants of fabric, and minuscule paper bits in my path.

I do have (insert drum roll) a sneak peak of the 2008 calendar, though! I'm very excited, so check it out! They are now available for preorder, get on the list today!!