2017: the Year of the Distractions

I've been mentally writing and rewriting posts for the past month and a half. I'm stuck in my mind on the current shape of politics. I want to write, I want to speak out for my beliefs, yet I still have no words. One day I will have the words, one day I will put them all here.

I understand politics and what is a business-based site will have an effect. I will talk about that, too, I'm sure.

In the meantime, we're working on some big projects. Let me distract you with our distractions.

We've demolished one of the full baths, combined it with the closet from the master bedroom, and are figuring out a plan to redo the bath on a moderate budget. (Ideas abound, continue to be pinned.)  We also bought a vintage camper at a great deal. We've named him Major Tom (....here am I sitting in a tin can...) As is usually the case, the work is more extensive than we'd thought, but hey! Why not 2 major projects all at once? It is, after all, 2017: the Year of the Distractions.

I'd be remiss without mentioning the significance of Martin Luther King Jr Day (today). I was going to put a quote or some sort of image with his words here. I don't think it's fair to distill his work (and so many others) to a Pinterest worthy spectacle. Instead, take a moment to read the lengthy summary of Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? 

Apparently the works-in-progress are far more pervasive than a bathroom redo.

Again and again

I don't know how many times I've reworked my bedroom since starting this blog. It's a lifelong goal, I guess, because I can remember rearranging my bedroom as a young girl, removing all the drawers from the antique dresser, sitting on my butt, and scooting the dresser across the floor by pushing with my legs, using all my might.

We've had 3, maybe 4? and not including the times the mattress was on the floor, beds. Green walls, taupe walls, tan walls, navy walls...a multitude of arrangements and changes in rooms. Once I get started on thinking about the room, the vibe I want, I fixate. Lately I've been taking some time right before bed to read books of my own interest, then read to and with M, and for some reason that got me thinking about nice comfy pillows for sitting up in bed to read.

I've been using pieces of fabric to see which colors or textures I like. I've made 2 sets of euro pillow covers then ended up buying a set of tan ones from Ikea (which are more like a place holder than there for the duration).

We now have Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock walls, which is really way more green than blue; perhaps Teal Peacock is a better name. The bedding is a mix of Pottery Barn outlet sheets (Rosie Dot, which are organic but stiff and crunchy even after washing), a cotton and linen blend quilt from Target (far prettier in person),  giant dusty blush throw from Target, and the tan euro pillow covers from Ikea.

I found an old camp blanket in the giant truckload of fabric we inherited from Charlie's grandma that perfectly matches the throw. I want to make it into an extra long lumbar pillow...except that I'm just so tired of DIY projects. The satisfaction of "I made that" seems to have dulled and I feel like I won't value the pillow if I make it. I'll constantly be on the lookout for something more sophisticated. Of course, the other pillows I love, the ones that I would buy if I could, are around $200 (!?!?!!!) and are an impossibility.

How do those home bloggers do it? It's been 10 years and I still haven't pulled the bedroom together, much less over a weekend. Do you ever feel like DIYing a solution doesn't maintain the same value as a purchased option?