Practicing Clutter Bug Restraint

Remember this drawing? I turned it into a repeat pattern and sent it off to Spoonflower to have fabric printed. I had an idea that if it turned out OK I'd use it in the laundry room as a curtain. I picked the cotton voile and ordered 2 yards. It's sheer enough to diffuse bright light, while opaque enough to maintain a good amount of privacy.

There are still a few touch ups left to make the laundry room finished, but I'm so happy with it. I've done my best to keep the clutter to a minimum, which is not a strong point for me. This particular nook of the house gets a good amount of sun, making it a favorite napping spot for 2 little kitties, but it also heats up pretty quickly in the summer. The sheers will diffuse that heat while allowing the natural light in. Plus I think the oranges in the curtains tie the weird orange rug into the room design; it might just stay after all!

The sewing table is covered in a tan cow hide, leftovers from a reupholster project. The brown laminate top was just too industrial for the space. Leather, fortunately grips to the table so the sewing machines don't dance around while in use.

That blank wall is tempting me to hang some art, but I'm holding out, waiting on some extra funds to properly frame a photo by Abby Powell. Since we usually take on an anything goes attitude with decorating, I feel like this is the closest room I'll ever have to a Mossy Shed.

There you have it: the quietest, sunniest room in the house. Inspiring space for folding laundry or blah-blah-yawnsville?

Laundry List

This is going to sound whiny and privileged, so bear with me and know there are also regular life things going on, so the following "issue" isn't really an issue, just an ongoing search for a clutterbug's organizing solution.

Our laundry room is in an upstairs alcove, which means it's visible as a space you walk past anytime you're upstairs. It's a 10 x 10' sunny, warm, welcoming spot when clean, but a stressful eyesore the rest of the time. Let's face it, stressful messy rooms don't get used, and I need to use the laundry room or they'll start complaining at work. 

In my eternal quest for a vacation-land home, I'm stuck. We have a few items (pictured above: free desk rescued from the dumpster by the Mr., similar dresser to the one shown via Craigslist, 3 sorting baskets from Ballard Designs) and I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Any great ideas come to mind for helping me make our ugly space pretty? I'm ready to start outsourcing laundry...hey, that's not such a bad idea. 

Like I need another project. . .

Do you ever visit Going Home to Roost? If not, you should, even if to simply see this porch makeover. (See here for a bigger view of the before/after above.)

Yeah, it's good. So good, in fact, I'm now thinking about our back balcony.

See, we have our own long, narrow porch, but it's the balcony and it sure could use some love. We recently had some of the wood replaced and there are exposed 2 x 4s that need to be painted. There's a gallon of white glossy outdoor paint just waiting to be cracked open, but who has the time for that?? Right now it's painted a tan paint similar to the siding color. White seems to be just the freshening up it needs. We're also thinking of screening it in, so it can be a Mabel-safe spot for relaxing and a semi-outdoor kitty-haven.

Here are a couple older pictures I found:

Of course, who knows when we'll get to yet another project (I'm full of 'em!) but I've already got the chairs. They are an irresistible glossy cherry red, and on clearance at Pier 1. We need a little side table {I'm thinking the Euro Style Sally Stool or an Offi Tiki} and definitely a few plants. The space is so narrow the furniture needs to have a small footprint, which means no lounge chairs.

I wonder if my nesting and project gears will ever stop turning. I think I need to start a fund-raising bike ride (or walk?) for the cure.